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Culture 04.10.2021
The central part of Baku is the Old City

Azerbaijan, or the "Land of Fire", is a country of "synthesis" of the old and the new. No other country experienced such radical transformations from Soviet times to the present day than Azerbaijan.

Baku ­– is the best proof of this!

The central part of Baku is the Old City of Icheri Sheher, where time seems to have stopped. Baku residents call Icheri Sheher "Fortress" or "Baku Old city", which means "Inner city" in translation.

General 04.10.2021
Travel tips for the best vacation in Baku

Azerbaijan is the largest state in the South Caucasus, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The favorable climate, proximity to the sea, extraordinary nature, rich history, and culture have made this place a magnet for many tourists to stay in Azerbaijan. This country is popular with all travelers' categories from families with children to lovers of individual trips.

Baku is often called Eastern Paris. Today, when you see a lot of skyscrapers, the city of Dubai comes to mind more and more often. In Baku, modern architecture harmoniously combines with medieval buildings.

General 04.10.2021
The SPA is a great place for recreation and relaxation

The Merchant Baku Hotel is in the very center and is happy to welcome any guest from the capital. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, it is extremely important to feel comfortable in your room, to have a suitable environment for relaxation.

The Merchant Baku Hotel has many luxurious rooms, among them there are rooms with their own private balcony. There are rooms with comfortable connecting rooms that are ideal for families with children. Our hotel also has a room for guests with disabilities.

At your service is a restaurant under a glass atrium and lounge bar "The Latitude and Longitude". There are two fully equipped conference rooms for private and business meetings. Fitness room opens around the clock, and there are special packages for the pool, spa, and beauty treatments.

The wellness salon "The Merchant Baku" is a place for health recovery and relaxation, where you will be met by the caring hands of our experienced massage therapists.

Culture 04.10.2021
Historical architecture of the center of Baku

Baku is the capital and the largest city of the country, in the southern part of the Absheron Peninsula. The capital of Azerbaijan is becoming less and less like that Soviet city from the past every day. The entire old part of the city is one vast historical and architectural corner. Baku is constantly changing, improving, like the history of Baku. Old houses in the city center are perfectly combined with Art Nouveau skyscrapers.

There is no single direction in the architecture of Baku. It includes many architectural styles, passing like a pearl thread through the Maiden Tower of Masud ibn Davud of the 12th century and all the beautiful buildings built during the tsarist Russia.

Among the variety of these styles, the most worthwhile are the Islamic style (the Palace of the Shirvanshahs), the Venetian style (the house of M. Mukhtarov "Palace of Happiness"), the Gothic style (Ismailiyya Palace) and Renaissance architecture (Philharmonic Hall).

The brilliant Azerbaijani architect M. A. Huseynov built all the buildings that stand out in the architecture of Baku. At the beginning of the century, such trends of architecture as postmodernism appeared. It built most of the current buildings and hotels in Baku in this style. The architecture of Baku is transforming. Buildings with a glass shell appear around the city, the most striking examples of which are "Deniz Mall" and "Flame Towers". Park and fountain zones of the city are improving.

Most of the hotels in Baku are in buildings with beautiful architecture that adorn the city. Among the hotels in Baku, The Merchant Baku Hotel stands out in the city center.

General 04.10.2021
The unique cuisine of The Latitude and Longitude restaurant

The Merchant Baku Hotel is a beautiful historical building that is in Baku downtown. Here, it used to be The Caspian Shipping Company. Our hotel is located a few minutes from the lively Nizami Street, called "Torgovy" by Baku residents. Here, you can visit stylish shops or admire the wonderful architecture.

The hotel is near the old city of Icheri Sheher, famous for its narrow winding streets, attracting bazaars, and ancient city walls. Guests can easily explore the sights of the capital of Azerbaijan because of the location of The Merchant Baku Hotel in Baku downtown. And one of its jewels is The Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar.

You can also have a great rest and relax on the shady and cool terrace, The Latitude and Longitude, at The Merchant Baku Hotel. Dense bushes in beautiful tubs surround the restaurant’s terrace along its entire length. At both ends of the terrace, there are two large snow-white tents protecting from the hot sun. And the highlight of the interior of the terrace are two large, beautiful black anchors. These anchors are the legacy of the Caspian Shipping Company. On the terrace, you can not only have dinner or enjoy a cocktail, admire the cool Caspian Sea, but also relax comfortably all night.

General 04.10.2021
The unique cuisine of The Latitude and Longitude restaurant

Discover the taste of Baku with The Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar

Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Merchant Baku Hotel, the Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar can rightfully be considered as the best dining place in Baku center. In the restaurant, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dining. Chefs specializing in both Azerbaijani and world cuisine prepare all dishes.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive. It starts with dozens of types of appetizers, main dishes, ending with signature dishes and Azerbaijani ezme. Breakfast is served as a buffet. It includes a combination of homemade classics, Viennese bakery products, muffins, meat, and cheese cuts, as well as a variety of fruits, berries, a wide range of freshly squeezed juices.

There is also an Azerbaijani type of breakfast. It includes an assortment of local olives, an omelet made of village eggs, vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers from Zira), local cheese, sweet quark, local butter "nehra", fig jam, traditional fasali bread and bahmaz syrup.


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