Spa services in The Merchant Baku

Indulge Yourself with our upscale SPA services 

The spa salon of our "The Merchant Baku Hotel" is an oasis of health and peace. We created it, taking into account the best world experience. Here, you will be met by the caring hands of our experienced massage therapists.

Our specially designed spa programs allow you to enjoy the benefits of the spa room fully. In addition, we are proud of our luxurious procedures performed by professional massage therapists, which will help you feel rested and energized.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the spa salon "The Merchant" in a well-equipped room for face and full body massage!

Massages from all over the world

Relaxing or strengthening? Balinese or Swedish? The spa at The Merchant Baku Hotel offers traditional and exotic types of massage. Come to us to relax and relieve tension from the stress of everyday life!

Our Spa Services

Massage is not limited only to mechanical movements. A unique feature of the massage is the patient’s correct diagnosis by the massage therapist to determine the pathology. If there is a pathology, then the effect of massage will primarily direct at it. After that, the master begins to massage the rest of the body.

Swedish massage

Individual therapeutic massage using light or medium pressure helps to relax and improve health. It includes a complex of massage techniques. Our massage therapist works as deeply as possible on the body’s soft tissues during the massage.

Relax massage

Relax massage is an excellent opportunity to relax the body and mind completely, get rid of accumulated fatigue, depression, and stress. In addition, it affects the skin, soft and connective tissues, joints, internal organs, thereby recovering and restoring their work. Our qualified specialist uses various techniques during the massage: stroking, stretching, etc.

The massage uses essential oils, creams, and lotions. They make the skin moist and saturate it with nutrients. You will immediately feel how stress disappears with this caring massage that will completely relax your body. Feel a sense of recharging and a splash of energy.

Aromatherapy will calm you both emotionally and physically. Do not forget about the aroma of pine needles, lavender, or rose. They will make you close your eyes, forget about problems, and dive into pleasant sensations. But the actual value of essential oils is different – the molecular structure. It easily penetrates through the skin’s protective layer, taking other valuable components of the essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage

Aroma oils get on the skin, penetrate the dermis, as well as partially into the bloodstream. Various mixtures of essential oils are applied to the body during the massage. Due to their healing and calming features, a tonic massage turns into a therapeutic one.

Deep tissue massage

It is a more therapeutic massage that is aimed at deep sore muscles. Great for releasing your body of tension and reducing muscle pain. Deep muscle massage is significantly different from the classic version of massage. 

The unique feature of our massage therapists is stroking and stretching techniques. As a result, they have a beneficial effect on your condition of joints, tendons, and muscles.
A pleasant bonus from this procedure is smooth, soft, and well-groomed skin, saturated with environmentally friendly vegetable oils.

The main thing in it is warming up your body with a source of heat. For this purpose, the massage uses unique basalt stones heated to the necessary temperature parameters.

Hot stone massage

Calming volcanic stones gently help relieve pressure and tension, restoring energy and vitality throughout your body. It is one of the types of Thai massage, where hot stones play the main role. Massage aims at a deep and complete warming up of your body, namely the large muscles, particularly the back, neck, and legs

Balinese massage

A combination of soft stretches, point massage, reflexology use for complex treatment of the whole body and deep tissues. It stimulates blood flow and brings a feeling of peace. Balinese massage uses various techniques, and its purpose is to provide a balance of body and soul. First, massage aims at stimulating the energy points of the body. After that, these points promote blood circulation and activate the immune system of your body.

Balinese massage affects three systems: the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the digestive system. Therefore, the treatment of these three systems is a source of balance for every person!

What could be better than a relaxing foot massage at the end of the day? Moreover, it is helpful to everyone. And if it is a reflexological massage, then the benefit increases many times.

Reflexological massage benefits the whole body and helps to deal with discomfort. In addition, the effect on the nerve endings in the legs creates harmony. Thus, it contributes to the optimal functioning of the main systems of your body.

Enjoy a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and individual application of a unique product based on your skin’s specific needs. It is an ideal addition to any massage or body care procedure.

Proper and fast body care

Reflexology massage

Face massage


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