Baku - city of winds and place where East meets West

Do you know that, The Merchant Baku situated right in the heart of Baku the city with more than 1000 years' history? Just cross the road to experience unbelievable atmosphere of the Old City- UNESCO World Heritage and home to main city attractions as Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah Palace  and many more...

Baku will surprise you with unique bond of East and West, Old City and New Contemporary Buildings, national flavors and author cuisine. Take your time to enjoy Baku, feel the vibrancy and energy, taste unique Azerbaijan cuisine and local delicacies, and just let your soul relax.

F1 race

Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix

The most important event is the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Baku City Circuit is a real street circuit with a length of 6 kilometers. Part of the car track runs through the central part of Baku, including past the UNESCO heritage list of streets of the Old City. The culture and history of Baku are a vital part of the race, which demonstrates the beauty of sights and its modernity. It is the fastest metropolitan track among other tracks and includes 20 exciting turns.

F1 2024

In 2023, Baku celebrated 7th year anniversary of F1 Grand Prix with "Expect the Unexpected" special campaign. One more great race is successfully finished and we are more than excited for next F1 2024 race, with spectators and memorable moments. 

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