Fitness Room



Regular exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, our guests have special access to our gym, where they can continue to exercise at home without breaking their fitness regime during a vacation or business trip. In the gym, The Merchant Baku Hotel, you will charge with the necessary energy for the whole day. For this, the gym has all the required equipment: a bicycle, a treadmill, a rowing machine, a crossover exercise pulley, an abdominal trainer, and a weights trainer for the arms and legs.

Despite the purpose of your stay at The Merchant Hotel, we know that you pay attention to your health and well-being. Having a gym is just as important to you as the comfort of the rooms and the hotel’s atmosphere. The best way to deal with tiredness and recovery after long flights is to train correctly.

The hotel The Merchant has a sufficient training space, where everyone will find equipment for easy training and keeping themselves in a good shape. The convenient division into zones and an ideal location provide maximum comfort. All the equipment is ready and waiting for you. Both professional athletes and beginners will be able to exercise on the simulators. Each guest can set the level of intensity of the load depending on their physical fitness.

Hotel Fitness Equipment

The hall has the following modern equipment Precor: a bicycle, two treadmills, a rowing machine, a crossover trainer that includes a horizontal bar and a place for bench press, as well as a trainer for both the abdominal press and hyperextension, a weights trainer for the arms and legs and a set of dumbbells. Also, an air conditioning system creates maximum comfort and a good mood in the gym. There are convenient shelves for storing water, towels, or your other belongings.


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