Historical architecture of the center of Baku

A mix of architectural styles in the city center

The Merchant Baku Hotel is in the former mansion of the Caspian Shipping Company, which is part of the history of Baku. In the city center, the hotel seems to be a snow-white liner sailing on the ocean. Here, you can relax perfectly, feeling like a member of a sea cruise.

This building was in the classical style before its transformation into a hotel. Symmetrical compositions can recognize the classical style in architecture. They are a mandatory element of the classics in architecture. And the rule of the golden section (an exemplary ratio of height and width) determined the harmonious proportions of the building.

The major elements of the decor are decorations such as arched openings, window cornices. The color scheme of snow-white decorative elements is in light pastel shades. Among the features of classical architecture was the design of the walls according to the principle of order division. Picturesque relief of the facade created because of the cornices above each floor, window friezes, and platbands of different shapes. The design of the main entrance included marble stairs and a colonnade.

After the renovation, the building of The Merchant Baku Hotel is a kind of eclecticism. It is a combination of classical style with elements of different architectural styles. The building resembles the wings of the ship’s bridge because of the balconies. The glass roof over the main hall makes the hotel look like a passenger liner in silhouette.

The Merchant Baku Hotel stands out among all the hotels in Baku. It is because the entire interior is created in the style of "The Great Gatsby". It combines a stylish modern design and many original details. Throughout the hotel, there are frescoes showing old merchant ships that once sailed on the Caspian Sea. At The Merchant Hotel, each room has its own individual design, combining the French architectural styles of "Art Deco" and "Art Nouveau". Many rooms have their own private balcony, there are connecting rooms that are ideal for families.

The Merchant Baku Hotel is perfect for both business people and adult and family tourism. And it is because of its location in the heart of Baku. You will be comfortable both during work and rest.


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