The SPA is a great place for recreation and relaxation

The Merchant Baku hotel spa services 

The hotel’s spa services will allow you to enjoy the benefits of our wellness salon.

Swedish massage is one type of therapeutic massage with the use of light or medium pressure. It will help you relax and improve your well-being.

A relaxing massage in our spa is perfect for those who want to get rid of accumulated fatigue, depression, and stress. Essential oils, creams and lotions have a great importance. Massage will have a positive effect on your skin, namely on soft and connective tissues, joints, blood vessels. This tones up and restores their work.

Massage with essential oils is doubly useful. It will calm you both emotionally and physically. The massage takes place using various mixtures of essential oils that apply to the body. The healing and soothing properties of essential oils turn a tonic massage into a therapeutic one. Senses also calm down during the massage. Aroma of pine needles, lavender or rose makes you close your eyes, forget about problems, and immerse yourself in pleasant sensations.

Deep tissue massage is also one type of therapeutic massage. It is aimed at those who want to relieve the whole body of tension and reduce muscle pain in it. Individual massage techniques have a positive effect on your joints, tendons, and muscles.

Hot stone massage is a type of Thai massage. The main thing in it is warming up your body with a heat source, with the help of special basalt stones. Stone preheated to the required temperature.

Balinese massage stimulates your energy points of the body. It mainly affects three systems: the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the digestive system.

Proper and fast care

Besides full types of massages, our spa offers express massages.

Reflexological massage influences the nerve endings on the feet of the legs. Special technique and skill of our massage therapists will noticeably improve your well-being. It also removes discomfort with no medications.

Facial care

By properly monitoring the condition of the skin, considering its type and needs, you can prevent premature aging of cells and prolong the beauty and freshness of your appearance.

Facial massage is a preventive and therapeutic method of influencing the skin and muscles of the face. In just a few touches of the massager, you will feel visible results on your face. The performed techniques comprise stroking, pinching, rolling, squeezing and other stimulation of the soft tissues and muscles of the face. Massage will relieve tension and prevent age-related changes in a timely manner.

The spa at The Merchant Baku Hotel offers traditional and exotic types of massage. Come to our wellness salon to health recovery. Immerse yourself in the salon's serenity, and relieve tension from the stress of everyday life!


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