The unique cuisine of The Latitude and Longitude restaurant

Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Merchant Baku Hotel, the Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar can rightfully be considered as the best dining place in Baku center. In the restaurant, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dining. Chefs specializing in both Azerbaijani and world cuisine prepare all dishes.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive. It starts with dozens of types of appetizers, main dishes, ending with signature dishes and Azerbaijani ezme. Breakfast is served as a buffet. It includes a combination of homemade classics, Viennese bakery products, muffins, meat, and cheese cuts, as well as a variety of fruits, berries, a wide range of freshly squeezed juices.

There is also an Azerbaijani type of breakfast. It includes an assortment of local olives, an omelet made of village eggs, vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers from Zira), local cheese, sweet quark, local butter "nehra", fig jam, traditional fasali bread and bahmaz syrup.

In creation of all the dishes there are used products from local farmers and different producers of the country. The menu is created from local recipes with the influence of world cuisine. Among them there are such author’s dishes as chicken kan-kan, golden kebab, etc. The taste of each dish becomes brighter and gives your dining experience a special flavor because of the aromas of Azerbaijan.

Its warm and special atmosphere distinguishes the Latitude and Longitude. It is a cozy place where guests can relax and feel at home. This cozy lounge bar is located right at the exit of our lobby. An ideal place where you can sit comfortably at least all night without feeling the heat of Baku.

There is a wide choice of drinks program at The Latitude and Longitude. It ranges from classic, favorite homemade drinks to aromatic and refined alcoholic beverages and liqueurs. We selected each ingredient in such a way to convey the entire palette of sensations.

The lounge bar has a cocktail trolley, and you can try drinks not only in front of the bar, but also at your own table. There is also an extensive selection of beers, some of which we prepare ourselves. The range of spirits comprises 30 varieties of whiskey and gin brought from all over the world.


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