The unique cuisine of The Latitude and Longitude restaurant

The Merchant Baku Hotel is a beautiful historical building that is in Baku downtown. Here, it used to be The Caspian Shipping Company. Our hotel is located a few minutes from the lively Nizami Street, called "Torgovy" by Baku residents. Here, you can visit stylish shops or admire the wonderful architecture.

The hotel is near the old city of Icheri Sheher, famous for its narrow winding streets, attracting bazaars, and ancient city walls. Guests can easily explore the sights of the capital of Azerbaijan because of the location of The Merchant Baku Hotel in Baku downtown. And one of its jewels is The Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar.

You can also have a great rest and relax on the shady and cool terrace, The Latitude and Longitude, at The Merchant Baku Hotel. Dense bushes in beautiful tubs surround the restaurant’s terrace along its entire length. At both ends of the terrace, there are two large snow-white tents protecting from the hot sun. And the highlight of the interior of the terrace are two large, beautiful black anchors. These anchors are the legacy of the Caspian Shipping Company. On the terrace, you can not only have dinner or enjoy a cocktail, admire the cool Caspian Sea, but also relax comfortably all night.

Baku is not only a beautiful capital but also the center of the country’s nightlife. The nightlife of Baku is satisfying in the atmosphere and culture of this country. Baku is a city of contrasts, bright colors, fire, and wind. At night, the capital turns into a kaleidoscope of dynamically changing scenes. The location of the hotel near the old city allows you to see the whole color of night transformation. The main street, square and buildings light with thousands of colors, and the hotel’s lounge bar and terrace complement this beauty.

The nightlife is also bustling in the lounge bar of The Merchant Baku Hotel. A variety of branded drinks from our bartenders and light, hardly noticeable music will allow you to enjoy cocktails and atmosphere.

The combination of sophistication and evening relaxation makes The Latitude and Longitude Lounge Bar one of the best dining places in Baku center.


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